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For every marker on the map, it tells a stories of our customers from that state!

The marker shows where they are from and where they are wearing our socks. If you would like to be a part of our map, tell us your story and send us a picture of you wearing our socks and we will put you on our website!

India Fans


Michelle Tuchner & Gang on Mount Everest in Nepal/Tibet

South America

Thanks for sending the sox so fast!

While in Ushuaia, Argentina as well as a cruise around the tip of South America and all through Patagonia visiting many Glaciers I wore theses marvelous sox.  My feet were always toasty warm and I was totally comfortable even when my feet got wet hiking on the Glaciers and climbing on and off the Zodiaks.  Thanks for the fabulous product!  They are worth every penny! Here I am on the Australia cruising past the glacier.  Too bad you can’t see my feet!  I am wearing the sox!
Nancy H.

Mexico Fans

Karina C.
Reyna V.

Japan Fans


Cindy in Japan, hanging out wearing her Austin’s Mohair socks.

Russia Fans

Elle Shea

England Fans


Jody T.  from Illinois in London on the Eye

Missouri Fans

missouri missouri2 missouri3

My fiancé and I love your socks!!

Here’s my Mohair visible pictures from Taum Sauk Mountain State Park in Missouri.

Iowa Fans

Elaine G.

Paul C.

“Wonderful. Warm, and super comfortable with whatever shoe you’re wearing. . .or not!” -Val T.

Illinois Fans


Dominic G. says, “Great socks! They keep my feet warm and dry at the same time. My feet are happy!”

Clay M. says, “If you are on your feet all day, do your feet a favor and wear these socks. You will be glad you did!”

Jana W.  says, “I’m wearing mine and I know the ones I gave as gifts for Christmas, are out duck hunting today too!

Karen J. says, “I received my mohair socks and love them.  I originally got them to wear under waterproof socks for winter kayaking, but find I’m wearing them around the house and don’t want to take them off.  Thanks for a great product!”


Renee W. says, “I have a story for you, I bought a pair of socks for my mom and dad for Mother’s and Father’s day.  The night I bought the socks I was having a party, so I gave the socks to my mom early.  My mom has issues with her foot and it is constantly uncomfortable and in a boot.  I told her how soft and comfortable these socks were and she was excited to try them.  That night she left the house and on the way home her car stopped and much to her dismay her phone was dead.  Mom was a mile from home, so she put her socks on and concentrated on how soft and comfortable her socks were as she walked the mile to her house. Mom said they helped her get home and she loves them.”


Pat M. says, “I bought a pair of socks for my good friend last year. She is so hard to shop for, she never likes anything, and is always unhappy. I’m not saying that to make her sound bad, I just want you to know what type of Personality she has. I love her to death, but she is never satisfied with any gift.  It’s just who she is. She has many health problems, and is always cold. That is why I thought your socks would be a good fit for her. Well, just last week I ended up taking her to the emergency room and she told me make sure you take my warm socks with us. As we were sitting there her on the gurney waiting to see the doctor she said, “Pat, hand me my warm socks, I’m so cold.” I was so happy that I could give her that one small gift. The gift of warmth. Thank you so much for helping me help a friend.”


Jim B. says, “The socks kept me warm and dry while I was on my cruise and while fishing in Vancouver BC.”

Michigan Fans

Sue S.

Minnesota Fans

Kira and her sister wearing matching socks and PJs, keeping warm in Minnesota

Mandy B. & Sharlene W.

Barb O. says: “Best Socks Ever!”

“I’ve used mohair men’s mid-calf socks for years, since Ada Austin first introduced them to us years ago. What a wonderful, comfortable and warmest winter sock I’ve ever worn. I use them when hunting in the MN north woods and in WY Absaroka mountains elk hunting. As long a we wash them on gentle cycle, air dry and occasionally add a cup of white vinegar to soften the socks they’ll last for years!”
   -John K, from MN.
Wisconsin Fans


Finn in Wisconsin wears his to bed when he’s not feeling well.

Amanda says, “I was gifted a pair of your SUPER FREAKING AWESOME mohair socks from my dear friend Tori. I have to say that they are the most comfortable socks ever! I wear them to bed every night to keep my feet cozy and warm. I have hand washed them quite a few times and they still look and feel brand new. Thank you for making such a quality product and thank you for the gift of warmth :)”

Texas Fans


Arizona Fans

Rhea D. – Arizona

Virginia Fans

Kathryn C.

Linda B.


“Mohair socks rock!”

Steve, guitar teacher and guitarist in band, EverAfter

New York Fans

I can’t believe there’s nothing on Yelp about Austin’s Mohair. This was an amazing angora goat farm in Harmony, MN, that offered a little tour and a fun shop, and frankly it was such an awesome place that I almost didn’t care that I was in the area to stay at the Mayo Clinic.

SO! Running the farm tours was a very unique, spunky lady, Mrs. Austin, who would walk you through the business of goats – how they were raised, what products they yielded – and LET YOU HOLD A BABY GOAT. Pause and consider a cuteness that is so great it almost blinds you with its majesty. That is the cuteness of a baby angora goat.

The attached shop sold all sorts of fascinating things from the area, as well as all the goat-related products you could possibly imagine: mohair socks, scarves and hats, gloves and mittens, yarn, goat milk soap, goat jerky (?!?). I bought socks there 8 years ago. They are the best socks I’ve ever had. I never knew socks could be something I’d think about beyond just “hey, I should wear these inside my shoes,” until I got these socks – these socks make all other socks feel like a wet plastic bag full of poison ivy. They are probably the best socks in the world. Since winter is the worst thing ever and requires sock-planning, I was looking to get more of these magic goat socks (note: goats may or may not be magic) without having to, you know, check in to the Mayo Clinic to justify the trip to MN, when I discovered that Mrs. Austin had, sadly, passed away.


 Gail Q.

California Fans

Margie P. Says:

“Love my Mohair Socks!”

Hawaii Fans

Leilani P.

Andrew H says, “I’m a plumber in Bethel, Alaska, needless to say we have extremely cold Winters here. I’m outside 75% of the time but since Austin’s Mohair socks have came into my life I’m ready to brave the winter of 2017 and those future winter’s that dare blow into my life!  I’m extremely selfish with my Mohair socks, I don’t share.  I have given them as gifts though. My dad is a huge fan of Austin’s Mohair socks as well. When I asked him what he thought he said “Louie, these things are fantastic!! They are smooth and warm and soft! Better than KY Jelly!” (I can’t make this up!) Thanks again for this wonderful product!”
Christy B. says “I went to Iceland and wore your wonderful socks. They kept my feet so warm and dry while walking all around Reykjavik. I also wore 2 of your great hats and had many pictures taken with other tourists because of them. All of it made our trip even more fun. “