Our Story

konyaandhubby2Austin’s Mohair was created over 25 years ago by Ada and Jim Austin, in Harmony Minnesota.  One of the many items sold in the shop were the magnificent mohair socks.

When Ada passed away in 2012 we, the family, were fully prepared to shut down the shop and just hold the memory close to our hearts.  Ada and Jim’s customers thought differently.  We were inundated with phone calls asking about where they could buy the wonderful Mohair socks that Ada thought so highly of.  After much deliberation, Ada and Jim’s youngest daughter, Konya decided to take over that portion of the business.

Joe and Konya met and were married in Misawa Japan in 1990, and from there the adventures started.  Joe, who is not a farm boy, soon came to learn how to haul manure, use a back hoe, put up fences, take down fences, move animals from one pasture to another, the entire time being watched by the Austin crew who made their mistakes on the farm as kids and didn’t have an audience, much to Joe’s chagrin! We are always up for a good laugh, and unfortunately learning on the farm with unpredictable animals, is HILARIOUS!
Our lives are entwined in our love of family, the farm, and now the mohair socks.
We look forward to serving our Mohair Sock family that have been so kind to us and reminisce with us, with stories of mom.  I love to hear each and every story, keep ’em coming!
God Bless,
Konya and Joe