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Yup, that’s me. Konya. So, does that make me officially the New Old Goat Lady? The Sock Lady? I think I will stay with the Old Goat Ladies Kid. Ada, was my mom. I hate that word WAS. Ada IS my mom. Ada has always been and forever will be the voice in my head. My True North so to speak. Ada was my wingman, whenever I needed THE OLD GOAT LADIES KID she was there. If I was in a bad mood, had a funny story to tell, needed advice, she was there for me. I remember when we were stationed in California, it was 2 a.m., my husband was in a different state on drill, and someone was firing a weapon out my bedroom window. I called the police, took my infant daughter into an inside room of our small apartment and called my mom. Ada, was instantly awake, and was wondering what in the world was she going to do? I just needed to hear her voice and it definitely calmed me down until the police came and caught the bad guys. So, even a 2 am, calling from California to Minnesota, my mom had my back. That’s the type of wingman she was/is.

I hope she felt like I was her wingman towards the end, I hope I made her passing less stressful and a little easier. I hope she sees me as her Sock Wingman now, carrying on the Sock business in her name. Sounds kind of silly I suppose, but The Old Goat Ladies Kid, is trying to fill some pretty big Socks, so to speak! So, here I am, The Old Goat Ladies Kid. Bracing myself for this new adventure, wish my Wingman was here to give a little advice. She’s not, so as kindly as possible, if I get off track, send me a “Ping” and pull me back to the right Goat Trail.

Yours Truly,

Konya “The Old Goat Ladies Kid”

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